Tray made from picture frame and vintage drawer handles.



  • one deep picture frame
  • two drawer pills
  • paint (base color, crackle glaze, lighter color for topcoat)
  • wallpaper or scrapbook paper

This tray is made from a picture frame and some old drawer pulls. I covered the bottom with some old wallpaper from a house I lived in as a child. My mom saved a roll of it  for sentimental reasons and has been carting it around for forty years. I decided if she loved it enough to hang onto it for that long I should do something with it. I remember the night she and my dad hung the wallpaper so I’m sure she will too when she sees it.

paint-frame1 after-paint-dries-apply-coat-of-crackle-medium paint-on-top-color

Step 1.

If you want a crackle finish you will need to apply a coat of paint that you want for the base coat. Let it dry then apply a coat of crackle glaze. Let it dry and then apply the color you’ve chosen for your top coat.


Step 2.

If your frame has a sturdy backing you can use that but if not you will need to cut one to fit from a thin piece of wood of fiber board. I get mine at Lowes but they sell it at any craft or lumber store.  Cut a piece of wallpaper or whatever you decide to use.  You can glue it on now or wait until you glue  the backing  inside the frame.

apply-a-thin-thread-of-glue-along-edge press-board-into-glue-covered-edge weigh-it-down-with-something-heavy-until-glue-dries

Step 3.

Apply glue to the edge of frame as shown.  Press your backing onto the glued edge and weigh it down with something heavy while it dries.

apply-a-coat-of-glue place-piece-of-wallpaper-onto-glue-covered-surface gold-trim-around-edge1

Step 4.

Apply glue to tray bottom and them press wallpaper onto the glue. Smooth it down and after it dries trim edges with a razor blade. I added some gold braid trim to the edge of mine because I wanted to bring out the gold in the wallpaper.


Step 5.

Add drawer handles to both sides of tray.

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