Christmas Holiday Crafts – Snowman Project – Hang on a Wall


  • This snowman is a fun winter project that can be made from wood or cardboard. The sign can be made with chalkboard paint so that message can be changed.It is not too difficult to make (wood cutting tools may be required) and can easily be hung on a wall (interior or exterior) or even set on a shelf or at the base of a window.


  • wood or cardboard
  • chalkboard paint or black craft paint
  • white craft paint
  • orange craft paint
  • small fabric remnant for scarf and hat
  • twigs
  • small buttons for eyes

Step 1. Trace pattern on to piece of wood. You can use cardboard if you’re not able to cut wood but sometimes you can sweet talk a neighbor or friend into cutting it for you. I cut mine on a band saw but you can use a jigsaw if you don’t have one.


Step 2. Smooth off edges using sander or sanding block.


Step 3. Paint all pieces. I use chalkboard paint for the small sign that will hang on the bottom of snowman so that I can change it whenever I want. Chalkboard paint comes in green and black and can be purchased at any store that sells paint.


Step 4. Make hat by cutting a piece of fabric 7″ X 11″. Fold it in half and stitch along long open edge.


Step 5. Turn hat to right side and turn under bottom edge for hem. Gather top and tie with a thin fabric strip or yarn.


Step 6. Make scarf by cutting a piece of fabric 1 1/2″ X 22″. Tie around snowmans neck. Glue hat on snowman with hot glue gun. I used small buttons for eyes and attached them with hot glue. Glue on carrot nose, then drill holes for twig arms. I also secured these with hot glue. If you don’t have a drill just glue the branches on the back of the snowman. To finish, drill holes on snowmans body and corresponding holes on sign. Attach with wire. You can also glue the sign to the snowmans body if you don’t want to drill holes. I have a Dremel that I use for sanding and drilling. You can purchase a basic one for less than thirty dollars and will wonder what you ever did without one.


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