Easy to make free standing plant trellis

crow trellis

This trellis will give support to tall flowers that need to be staked up. It’s free standing so it can be moved around when and where you need it. It’s really simple to make and I made this one from scrap wood.  I cut out some crows to add a decorative touch but you can use anything you want or leave it plain.


pieces for plant trellis

Step 1.

You will have to decide what size you want your table and then you will cut 8 boards that are all the same size. I made mine 24 inches square so each board was 24 inches long. I cut the four legs 36 inches tall. I used some 1 x 2’s but you can use 2 x 4’s.

measure down and attach first piece   add second board   attach first and second board

Step 2.

Lay two of the legs on the ground and measure down 4 inches from the top. Lay one of the side pieces 4 inches down as shown and attach it with two screws. Attach it to the other leg as shown. Next measure down 5 inches and place the next board in place as shown and secure it with screws. Make another section just like the first one.

attach sides one board at a time   IMG_6170 @25

Step 3.

Stand the two sections up and join them together by measuring down 4 inches from the top like you did when you made the first two sections and secure a board with screws. Next you will measure down 5 inches and place the second board using screws to secure.

IMG_6171 @ 25   drill holes in top corners   drill hole in bottom of bird and glue dowel in place   birds on trellis

Step 4.

If you want to add a little decorative touch you can cut out some crows or any shape and then drill a hole in one or two of the legs as shown. Next you will drill a hole in the bottom of whatever shape you have cut out and glue a dowel into the hole as shown. Then you poke the dowel down into the hole you drilled in the leg.


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