Leprechaun shoe garland for St Patricks Day

long view of leprachaun shoe garland   leprachaun shoe garlandIMG_9042

This leprechaun shoe garland is fun to make and can be used year after year. I hand sewed mine but you can make it using hot glue or fabric glue. The shoes are stuffed with green moss and have gold coins spilling out. Materials:

  • green and white felt
  • gold cord to tie the shoes together
  • a yard of coin trim (I got mine at Wal Mart)

pattern for leprachaun shoe

Step `1.

Cut out two green pieces for each shoe. Cut out one green shamrock for each shoe.

I hand sewed mine but you can use glue instead   leave an opening at the top as shown

Step 2.

Either sew or glue the shoe pieces together leaving an opening at the top as shown above.

cut around the green shamrock leaving just enough of the white to show around the edge  shamrock green on white

Step 3.

Lay your green shamrocks on top of the white felt and cut around each one leaving a small border of white showing.  Hand stitch or glue them together. 

stitch the shamrock to shoe as shown

Step 4.

Attach the shamrocks to the front of the shoes as shown using glue or stitching them on.

use a big darning needle to pull the gold cord through  pull the cord through and tie a bow  stitch some together at toe as shown  tie some together at the tip of the show  alternate shoes

Step 5.

Using a large darning needle pull the gold cord through each shoe and then pull the cord tight and tie a bow. I tied two together at the toes and two at the heels and then alternated them as shown above.

Stuff a little moss inside each shoe

Step 6.

Fill each shoe with moss.

cut the coin trim in pieces of 3  tuck tape down into the moss 2  tuck the tape down inside the moss leaving the coins hanging out

Step 7.

Cut the coin trim into sections with three or four coins attached. Stuff the fabric band into the moss so it doesn’t show. Let the coins dangle out. Using the darning needle make a loop of gold thread on the first and last shoe for hanging.



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