Super bowl football banner


finished garland 2  finished garland

This football garland is easy to sew and is great for Super Bowl parties. If you don’t sew it could be put together with hot glue. You could personalize it by adding your team’s logo in felt or even print it off on fabric paper. Use it for all your football parties!


  • brown felt
  • string for stitching
  • polyfill stuffing

football pattern

Step 1.

Cut out two football shapes for each football from the brown felt.

tie a knot at end of thread and push needle through  make line  push needle through as shown  push needle through to make the first stitch  repeat this all the way across the line  stitching

Step 2.

Put some string on a darning needle and tie a knot in the end. Make a line by pulling the string through to the front from the back. The knot will hold it in place from the back. Take the needle and push it through the other side making a line. Next you will bring the needle to the front from the back as shown in the third picture. Bring it over the top and through the other side to make a stitch. Repeat this all the way across. You could glue small pieces of felt for the stitching but I think it’s a lot easier to do it this way.

pin two footballs together leaving an opening in the bottom to stuff  fill with stuffing

Step 3.

Pin two pieces together and stitch around football leaving an opening in the bottom to stuff. Lightly stuff and then hand stitch or glue shut. You can also hot glue the pieces together instead of sewing.

step 1 to make x  step 2 to make xx  step 3 to make x  completed x

Step 4.

I joined mine together by making X’s but you could use buttons, large paper fasteners, or glue. To make X’s thread the string through the darning needle and  follow the steps above.

pull the cord through the end of football chain   tie ring on with cord   ring on the end of each football

Step 5.

I decided to hang mine with a plastic O ring but you can make a loop with the string or just tack it up or use a small nail.

close up of finished banner 



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