Christmas tree farm decoration

front view of tree lot tree lot corner view  red truck with trees in back - Copy

I used to love going to tree farms to cut a tree and really miss doing that so I decided to recreate one as part of my decorations. This is really simple and you can personalize it by using stuff you have on hand. I bought the red truck at Hobby Lobby and use it year round by putting stuff in the trunk that fits the holiday or time of year.

spray paint small can - Copy  plaster - Copy  put dowel in center of can - Copy

Step 1.

The first thing I did was spray paint some small cans. Next I mixed up some plaster and poured it into the can and then stuck a dowel in the center and let it dry.

put eyelet in top of each dowel

Step 2.

Put a small eyelet in the top of each pole. You will use this to attach your lights and candy canes.

this forms pocket to slip over dowels  fold over ends and glue or stitch  use stencils to make letters  make sign with paper or fabric

Step 3.

I used a small piece of canvas to make my sign and a stencil to do the lettering. Fold over each end and glue or stitch. This forms a pocket to slide over the dowel.

tags for tree prices - Copy
Step 4.

I used small tags that I got at Walmart in the office supply section. I priced the trees according to size.

floral pick and wire cutters  twist other end to form wreath  completed wreath  close up of wreath

Step 5.

I used wire cutters to remove pieces from a floral pick to make wreaths. Twist the ends together and then finish it off with a bow. I added a small piece of wire to attach it to the fence.


Step 6.

I added a chalkboard that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

wrap garland around poles

Step 7.

I wrapped garland (from the floral pick) around each pole. I am going to add snow to mine as soon as I get to town.

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