Halloween cat candle cover made from black glitter paper


This black cat is cut from black glitter paper and is then tied around a jar to make a very quick and easy Halloween candle holder.


  • 1 sheet of black glitter paper (You can buy this at any store that sells scrapbook supplies.)
  • one jar
  • ribbon, string, or yarn


Step 1.

Copy this pattern and then glue it onto the back of a piece of black glitter scrapbook paper.  After it dries cut out the eyes, nose and mouth with a small pair of scissors. You will need to use a razor blade to cut out the whiskers.


Step 2.

Punch four small holes in cat as shown. Slip ribbon or string through holes and tie a knot in each one to secure. These will be used to tie the cat face onto the outside of a jar. Add a tea light candle and you have a quick and easy candle holder for Halloween.






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