Spooky Halloween candleholder

finishedThis candleholder is made with a picture printed on velum paper and then placed between two pieces of glass. The glass pieces are then held together with copper foil tape.


  • Two pieces of glass of equal size.  (I cut mine but if  you don’t want to do this just buy two picture frames and use the glass.)
  • Wide copper foil tape.  (You can purchase this at any craft or hobby store and from many online stores.)
  • Velum paper
  • Square dowel sticks to make bottom.
  • 1 piece of balsa wood. (Soft wood you can purchase at any craft store.)

peel back off copper foil place edge of glass on center of copper foil press edge

Step 1.

Start peeling off the paper backing and place your first piece of glass in the center of the foil strip and press it firmly into place. Press the foil tape onto the edges of the glass also pressing firmly.  You can use a popsicle stick instead of your finger to insure that you don’t cut yourself on the glass.  Put the tape all around the glass as shown letting the tape overlap. Repeat this with second piece of glass.

print photo on velum paper

Step 2.

Print whatever photo you want on velum paper.

put glass together wrap all the way around

Step 3.

Place the photo in between the two pieces of glass and then wrap the edges with more of the copper foil tape as shown. There will only be a little bit of overlap on the edges but be sure to press the tape down firmly all the way around.

Step 4.

mark wood cut two pieces

Step 5.

Take you square dowel and mark the width by holding your glass piece next to it and mark it with a pen or pencil. I made my stand a little bit longer than it needed to be but you can make yours to fit snugly if you want.Cut two pieces this length.

cut a piece of wood the same length mark here

Step 6.

Cut a piece of balsa wood the same length as your first two square dowel pieces.  Next you will place your glass in between the two dowel pieces and place that snugly against the balsa wood peice. Hold it all in place while you mark the square dowel to make your side pieces.  Cut two of these pieces.

pieces glue on front piece glue on side piece 1 glue on side piece 2

Step 7.

Glue pieces on, one at a time as shown. If you use hot glue you won’t need to clamp any of the pieces but if you use regular glue you will have to clamp. Ponytail holders work well for this.   

put a dot of glue on each end glue on front piece as shown

Step 8.

Put a dot of glue on both ends of your front piece and put it in place. Clamp it with rubber bands or a clamp until it dries.

stain wood ghost candleholder

Step 9.

Paint or stain the wood.  Place a candle on the wood piece behind the glass or use a battery operated tea light for the same effect.  Remember to NEVER leave any candle unattended.

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