Rubber gloves with decorative cuff and ribbon trim.


I love these rubber gloves but the ones I’ve found are either too expensive or are not well made so I decided to make my own. These are so easy to make and  are so pretty that  you won’t mind leaving them out. The space under my sink is a scary place and for some reason I can never keep it clean.  Now I just leave my gloves hanging out.

cut-strips cut-two-fabric-strips-that-are-four-inches-x-20-inches narrow-hem-edge-of-both-fabric-pieces

Step 1.

Cut two fabric pieces that are four inches by 20 inches.  Narrow hem one of the long edges as shown.

measure-two-inches-from-edge-and-mark measure-two-inches-from-last-mark-and-then-one-inch

Step 2.

Measure two inches from edge and mark. Now measure one inch from that point and mark again.  Now mark two inches from your last mark and then an inch from that point.  Repeat this all the way across.

make-pleats-as-shown pleats-2 pleats-3

Step 3.

To make pleats take the first mark you made and place it on top of next mark which should be one inch from your first mark.  Repeat this all the way across pinning each pleat as you make it.

stitch-across-top-of-pleats-as-shown turn-to-outside-and-press

Step 4.

Stitch across top of pleats as shown.

pin-edge-of-strip-together-as-shown stitch-as-shown

Step 5.

Pin edges together as shown and stitch.  Turn to outside and press.

pin-ribbon-to-edge-of-fabric-as-shown tuck-under-edge-of-ribbon-and-pin

Step 6.

Pin some wide ribbon to top of glove as shown.  Tuck edge of ribbon under and pin and then stitch it to the fabric band.

pin-ribbon-to-edge-of-glove-as-shown stitch-edge-to-glove

Pin ribbon to edge of glove. Stitch into place.


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