Fabric candy canes for Christmas decorating.

These candy canes are made from lightweight canvas fabric and are great for Christmas decorating.  They look good in garlands, wreaths, on a tree, or in a centerpiece.


  • small piece of canvas fabric
  • red and off white paint
  • fiberfill stuffing
  • masking tape

Step 1.

Cut out two pieces for each fabric.  I used a lightweight canvas because it’s easy to turn and can be painted.

Step 2.

With right sides together stitch around edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave both ends open.

Step 3.

To turn candy cane to outside stick a safety pin through the side of one of the openings.  Then push the pin down into the opening and all the way through the other opening.

Step 4.

Push stuffing into one end all the way down into the other end.  Stitch both ends closed as shown.

Step 5.

Paint candy canes off white and let them dry really well.

Step 6.

Wrap the masking tape around the candy canes leaving an open area between each wrap of the tape. Paint this part red all over the candy cane as shown.  Let it dry well and then peel off th, e tape.

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