Spooky halloween ghosts.

ghost in window with cat Spooky halloween ghosts.ghost in chair 1pg Spooky halloween ghosts.

These ghosts are made from a plastic halloween mask and gauze fabric.  They are very easy and inexpensive to make.  I put some in my windows, french doors, and on stakes in my graveyard.  I even put some on benches in my front yard so they look like they are sitting around talking.Â



  • 2  1/2 packages of gauze fabric (36″ X 3 yards )
  • 1 plastic mask  ( Or if you want a two sided ghost you will need two )
  • 1 strand of clear lights with white wire
  • 1 small plastic ring
  • hot glue gun

mask1 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.lay out both long pieces and center two short pieces 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.

Step 1.

Take one of the gauze pieces and cut it in half.  This will be the hair and the two remaining full pieces will be the body.  Lay the two long pieces on top of each other and then take the two short pieces and do the same.  Lay them out as shown in the above photo.

pin fabric strip through all layers 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.

Step 2.

Cut a piece of fabric that measures 1  1/2″  X  8″ and pin it through all layers, connecting the hair to the body as shown.  Stitch it through all layers.Â

cut hair into strips as shown 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.

Step 3.Â

Cut hair pieces into strips as shown.

apply hot glue to forehead and glue top of fabric strip there 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.glue other end of fabric strip to inside of mask 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.

Step 4.

Attach the top of the fabric strip ( attached to the hair ) to the forehead of the mask.  Now take the other end of fabric strip and attach it to the inside of the mask as shown.

stitch a plastic ring to top of fabric strip to hang 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.

Step 5.

Stitch a small plastic ring to top of fabric strip which you will use to hang ghost and also to secure the string of lights.Â

For my front window I make two ghosts and then attach them at the plastic rings.  That way there will be a ghost looking in the window and one looking out towards the yard.Â

ghost in french door 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.ghosts in the graveyard 150x150 Spooky halloween ghosts.

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