Very easy and inexpensive bamboo trellis.


This is a very easy trellis that is made with bamboo stakes.  You can use the same basic idea with other materials for a different look.  It’s perfect for climbing plants like morning glories or for tall plants that need a little support.


  • bamboo stakes  ( I get mine at Wal Mart in the garden department. )
  • wire or twine


Step 1.

Begin by sticking a stake into both ends of the planter.  (You can also lay them on the ground and put it together that way.) Starting at the bottom place the first stake across the two end pieces and attach it with wire as shown in the picture.   Repeat this until you get to the top. 

Step 2.

Add two more vertical stakes between the two outside stakes pushing them to the bottom of the planter and attaching them to the horizontal stakes with wire.

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