Fabric birds with button eyes


This is an easy and inexpensive project and is a great way to kick off spring.  You can use these as floral picks or string them together to make a fun garland.  All the stitching is done by hand and all you need is fabric, buttons, embroidery thread and a little bit of stuffing.  


  • fabric remnants or fat quarter quilting fabric
  • embroidery thread
  • buttons  (two for each bird)
  • polyester stuffing


Step 1.

Cut out two birds and two wings.  I used several different fabrics and contrasting fabric for the wings so they stand out more. 


Step 2.  

Using a running stitch, sew the birds body together 1/4 inch from edge leaving an opening on the bottom so you can fill the bird with polyester stuffing. 


Step 3. 

Fill with stuffing  and then close with a running stitch. 


Step 4.

Add buttons for eyes putting one on the front and one on the back.  Stick the needle through both buttons at the same time.  Pull it tight and tie it off with a knot.

secure-wing-to-body-with-button.JPGstitch-wings-together-using-a-running-stitch.JPG add-running-stitch-to-rest-of-wing.JPG                                     

Step 5. 

Secure wing to bird by stitching a button on as shown.  Put a button on the front and back sewing on both at the same time as you did for the eyes.  Then sew the top of the wings together using a running stitch.  Do a running stitch along the bottom of the wing as seen in above illustration.  Repeat this step on the back of the wing to finish.

bird-on-a-stick.JPGIf you want to use it as a floral pick just stick a skewer in the bottom.  I will be doing another project using the birds in the next couple of weeks.

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