49er banner with photos

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I decided to take out my old football memorabilia and do something with it. The newspapers were pretty old and falling apart so I got the idea to take pictures of them and print them on fabric paper so I could make a banner out of them. I had some pictures and Sports Illustrated magazines and got the rest off the internet. I just picked some of my favorite memories from my years as a football fan and incorporated those. I sewed the whole thing but you can use iron on fabric paper and hot glue everything if you want to get it done quickly. I have used hot glue on felt and it works really well.


  • red and black felt or whatever your team colors are
  • fabric paper
  • ribbon to make loops and hang
  • pictures which you can find on line, save and print

flag pattern  cut out a black piece slightly larger than the red piece

Step 1.

Cut out the number of flags you want from the red felt. Pin them to black felt and cut out an equal number of black flags that are slightly larger.

cut out an s and an f from black felt for each piece  pin the s and f as shown  i hand sewed the letters on but you can glue them

Step 2.

Cut out an S and an F for each flag or substitute your teams symbol. You can either hand sew them or glue them on.

print up pictures on fabric paper  stitch or glue the fabric paper to flag

Step 3.

Print up pictures on fabric paper. If you want to iron them on buy iron on fabric paper. I took pictures of my newspapers, magazines and photos and then downloaded them into my computer.  Then I printed them up in 4×6 size onto the fabric paper. I cut them out leaving a little border and then sewed them onto the flags but you can glue them on if you prefer.

stitch the red flag to the black flag  trim the black part

Step 4.

Stitch the red flag to the black flag but don’t stitch the top yet. Trim the edges if you need to.

make loops by folding over a piece of ribbon as shown   make two loops as shown   stitch top of each flag to secure ribbon loops

Step 5.

Take some ribbon and fold it in half to form a loop. Pin it to the top and then stitch across the top of each flag to secure the loops. I made loops so that I could add to the banner as the years go by. Slip a ribbon or cord through the loops and it’s ready to hang.

close up 2






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