Rustic candleholder made from old fence boards and repurposed candle holder

rustic candleholder

  rustic candle holder

I had an old candle holder that was outdated so I painted it to look rusty and then mounted it to some old fence boards. There are so many things laying around that can be reused in a new and different way instead of being thrown away. It’s good for the environment and good for your budget.

IMG_6418 at 50

Step 1.

Cut boards in different lengths. I used some old fence boards from one of those pre made sections of fence that my son was throwing away. I have made so many things from those old fence sections!

IMG_6421at 25  IMG_6422 at 25

Step 2.

Put the boards together staggering them so they are uneven at the top and bottom. Measure across and then cut two boards for the top and bottom as shown.

pound a nail in each board  IMG_6421at 25

Step 3.

Attach the boards to the crosspieces with small nails. You will need to put at least one in each wood piece.

drill holes on each side for wire  poke a wire through each hole to secure candleholder  put wire through other hole  twist wire on back  close up of wire

Step 4.

Center candle holder on boards and drill holes on each side in several places. Poke some wire through each hole as shown and secure in the back by twisting the wire as tight as you can.

make a loop of wire to hang rustic candleholder

Step 5.

Twist the top piece of wire and make a loop to hang. Add candles and it’s done!

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