49er bracelet made with alphabet beads


This is a really fun and easy project and a great way to share your excitement for your team.  With the alphabet beads you can spell out anything you want! Beads are available at most craft stores.


  • cord (I used stretch cord)
  • beads
  • beading needle or any one that is thin and has a big enough eye to feed the cord through.


Step 1.

Cut a piece of cord that is long enough to go around your wrist with a little extra so it’s not tight and allow some to tie off. I used stretchy cord but if you use regular cord you will need to buy fasteners which are also available and just attach to each end of the bracelet by tying a couple of knots.  Put the cord through the needle and start stringing beads until you have the right length for your wrist.

Step 2.

When you are finished just tie the ends together. I tie several knots to make sure it stays together.

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