Easy to make picture hanging rail

easy to make picture hanging rail

This rail was made with a pine board and some cabinet knobs and is a really easy project. I bought five frames used some old prints from a calendar that I’ve had for years. I attached ribbon to the frames for hanging but you could use twine or wire instead.


  • one board (I used a furring strip)
  • cabinet knobs
  • picture frames
  • ribbon
  • you will need a drill

paint or stain board and then drill holes for knobs push screws through the back of the board

Step 1.

I painted the board and then laid my frames out underneath it to see where to mark my holes. After I did the layout I used a measuring tape to mark the holes evenly. You will need to use a drill bit that is about the same size or just larger than the screws that come with your knobs. Drill the holes.

apply knobs to the front of the rail as shown

Step 2.

I found a great place to buy cabinet knobs and pulls (knobdeals.com) and got these for 75 cents apiece. You can often find a small amount of knobs at Lowes and Home Depot that are closeouts and Hobby Lobby has some really nice ones if you don’t mind spending a little more. You can also purchase knobs at Ikea for almost nothing. After you have pushed your screws through the holes put the knobs on and tighten.

measure out ribbon and cut one for each frame attach ribbon to back of frame using a staple gun or nails

Step 3.

Measure out a 14″ piece of ribbon for each frame. I used a staple gun to attach mine but you can also use small nails.

attach rail to wall using screws or nails

Step 4.

I attached my rail to the wall using screws.

I bought small wooden letters and spelled out roses

Step 5.

I bought some wooden letters at Hobby Lobby to spell out “roses”.  I painted them to match the rails.

hang pictures on knobs and then set letters on top of rail

I hung the pictures and set the letters on top of the rail. You could use this for family pictures and spell out “family”. The best part is that you only need to put 2 screws or nails in the wall to hang 5 or 6 pictures.

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