Hospital gown halloween costume with fake “bum” made from pantyhose.

costume 2

This costume is sure to get a good laugh at any party. I made it in less than an hour and all you need is a hospital gown and a pair of panty hose.  I’ve seen hospital gowns at thrift stores for just a few dollars. My husband will be dressed as “Dr Deathand will carry a syringe marked “65 and under” and a plastic handgun marked, “65 and older.”  Don’t you just love Halloween?


  • hospital gown
  • pair of panty hose
  • polyester stuffing
  • long craft type needle
  • heavy duty thread

rmark panty hose as shown and stitch stitching line cut off legs as shown

Step 1.

Mark the panty hose as shown. Stitch and then trim off legs as shown.

stitch top closed

Step 2.

Fill panty hose with polyester filling until it’s the size you want.   Stitch the top shut.

put strong darning thread in a needle and starting at bottom pull long needle all the way through

Step 3.

To make the “crack” you will need a long darning type needle and some strong thread. Start at the bottom and push the needle all the way through the stuffing lining it up each time you pull it through with the seam line. Pull it tight and this will create the shape of a “bum.”

stitch as shown bum

Step 4.

Put on the hospital gown and have someone pin the “bum” into place.  Stitch along the top part that you stitched closed as shown above.

pin elastic pin elastic across back of butt

Step 5.

I pinned a piece of elastic to both sides of “bum” which will help keep it in place under the hospital gown.

stitch one side of gown to butt

Step 6.

I stitched one side of gown to the “bum” so the gown will stay in place and not reveal my real “bum.”

stitch a piece of bias tape to shoulder area stitch cord to flap slip cord through loop cord attached to flap

Step 7.

I attached a cord to the back flap of the hospital gown (the side that was not stitched down) so that I can reveal my “bum” by pulling the cord. I made a little casing on the shoulder with a piece of hem tape but you could use ribbon or anything. Then I hand stitched a shoestring to the back flap and fed it through the little casing as shown.

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