Glitter and feathers make a fun Halloween garland with a little glamour.

witch shoe garland

I wanted to use my fireplace mantle as a focal point for my “Old Hag” party this year so I started with some glittery old hag boots and added a black boa for a little glamour.  I made a movie from footage taken at last years party and am hosting a “Golden Crow” award night and movie screening.  I will give awards for different categories based on “performances” at last years party.  I’m using a roll of black landscape cloth for a “red (black) carpet” and will interview guests as they arrive. It will be a night of glamour, “Old Hag” style!


  • black poster board
  • black glitter
  • black yarn
  • string of lights
  • black boa
  • Halloween spiders

witch boot

Step 1.

Cut out black boots from black poster board.  Mix some white glue with a small amount of water and paint it on each boot. Sprinkle on glitter and let it dry.

punch hole and tie piece of yarn tie onto yarn

Step 2.

Punch a hole in the top of boots and tie a piece of yarn through the hole. Use different lengths of yarn so they hang in a random pattern.  Cut a piece of yarn long enough to drape across the area you want to use and secure it using nails or tacks. Tie each boot on at evenly spaced intervals.

add some spiders spiders on garland

Step 3.

I added some spiders in between the witch boots.

add a string of lights

Step 4.

I added a string of LED icicle style lights.

add a black boa

Step 6.

I added a black feather boa to finish it off.

crows holding yarn cats and yarn other side

Step 7.

I wanted to tie in the top of the mantle so I draped some yarn in the crows beaks and around the nest. Then I did the same thing using my black cats. I wound up a little ball of the black yarn and put it by the cats to make it look like they are playing with it. Use your imagination and incorporate some of your favorite Halloween decorations.

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