Cute little spiders that your kids can make for Halloween.

spider complete

This little spider is so easy to  make that even your kids could do it!  I used a soft bendable wire that can be easily cut with wire cutters and a wooden bead that has a hole in it. I painted on eyes but you could use some of those little glue on eyes from the craft store to make it easier for kids to make.


  • wooden beads that have a hole in them
  • black paint
  • soft bendable wire

put beads on a skewer to make it easy to paint. paint beads

Step 1.

Put beads on a skewer to make them easier to paint. I stuck mine in a potato but styrofoam blocks work well too.  It’s also easier to spray paint them but I was doing this at night and we have all kinds of wild animals outside so I opted to paint them by hand inside the house.

cut four pieces of wire

Step 2.

Cut four pieces of wire.  You should probably help your kids with this part so they don’t pinch their fingers with the wire cutters.

poke wires through hole put glue in hole

Step 3.

Push the wires through the hole and drip some glue into the hole.  Let it dry really well.

paint eyes Add black dot

Step 4.

Paint two white dots on bead for eyes and let it dry well. Add two black dots as shown. If you want to make this really easy just glue on two of those moveable eyes.

close up spider

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