Picture frame decorated with scrapbook paper

completed frame

I used scrapbooking paper to cover this wooden frame and then added butterflies that I cut from another piece of scrapbooking paper. Then I added a book plate and printed a phrase on my printer to insert. The entire cost was less than $5.00 and only took about an hour to make.


  • wooden frame (I purchased mine at Wal Mart for about three dollars. )
  • 1 sheet of scrapbook paper for frame and 1 sheet of contrast
  • book plate

picture frame apply stain to back and edges of frame

Step 1.

Stain or paint the sides and back of frame as shown.

lay frame on paper apply weight to frame

Step 2.

Mix a little bit of water into some white glue and then paint it onto the front of the frame. Place the glued side of frame down on the back of the scrapbook paper. Flip it over and carefully smooth the paper. Flip it back over and place something heavy on the frame to weigh it down until it dries.

after it dries use a razor blade to trim away paper frame 2

Step 3.

After it has dried use a razor blade to trim all around frame as shown.

cut out butterfles or butterflies

Step 4.

Cut out butterflies, or whatever you’ve chosen, and glue to the frame.

book plate apply book plate

Step 5.

Apply book plate as shown.

print phrase on computer

Step 6.

Print up whatever phrase you have chosen and cut it out to fit in bookplate.

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