Mini clothespins with decorative hearts.

mini-clothespins mini-clothes-pins

These clothespins are very quick and easy to make and I like them a lot better than anything I could find in the stores premade.  You just need a pack of mini clothespins, small wooden hearts,  and some scrapbook paper.  I use them to hold up strings of hearts which,  in this case,  are made from chenille fabric.


  • mini clothespins
  • small wooden hearts
  • scrapbook paper
  • glue
  • chenille fabric to make hearts

Step 1.

Spray paint clothespins.


Step 1.

Trace around wooden hearts.


Step 2.

Spread glue on wooden hearts and then attach paper hearts.


Step 3.

Glue wooden heart to clothespin.

mini-heart-clothespins chenille-hearts-and-mini-heart-clothespins1

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