Decorative canvas witch hat

This witch hat is made from stiff canvas fabric and then painted black and scuffed up with sandpaper to give it the appearance of being old and worn. You can dress it up in many ways and will hold up well year to year as a decoration.


  • Stiff canvas fabric (about 3/4 yard)
  • black paint

Step 1.

Make pattern pieces as shown above. I used a 12″ circle. I made the hat 13 1/2″ tall from tip to bottom and 8″ across the bottom. Cut two of each piece.

Step 2.

Put the two hat top pieces right side together and stitch along edge using a half inch seam allowance. Leave bottom open.

Step 3.

Turn the hat to right side. Stand it up in the center of circle piece and trace around it. Then make another circle inside the larger one. The inside circle will be your cutting line. Cut the middle out following your inside circle line.

Step 4.

Pin the hat top to the hat rim, right sides together, as shown. Stitch a half inch from edge around inside circle. If you use a stiff canvas the hat will easily stand on it’s own. If you can’t find stiff canvas you can starch it following manufacturers directions.

Step 5.

Paint hat black using any craft paint.

Step 5.

Scuff up hat using sandpaper to give it an aged patina.

Step 6.

I added a wire spider and a black gauze bow to my hat but you can decorate it any way you want.

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