Very easy to make table runners that tie together with ribbon.


This is a fun project that requires only minimal sewing experience.  They are  joined together with ribbon bows for a different spin on the classic table runner.


  • A piece of fabric long enough to to drape across table and hang down on both sides.
  • ribbon


Step 1.

Lay out fabric on table and determine how far you want it to hang down on both sides.  Then determine how wide you want your combined runners to be and make your cuts based on that.  Always allow extra all the way around for hemming. 


Step 2.

Hem all edges using a narrow hem.


Step 3.

Lay runners side by side on table and then using a measuring tape mark the ribbon placement using straight pins as shown in picture.  This will allow you to place the ribbon evenly so that runners lay evenly when you tie the ribbons together. 


Step 4. 

Stitch the ribbons to the runners. 

About Elaine Kazinec

I have never met anyone who can't make wonderful things for their homes, friends, and family, only those who think they can't. The purpose of this blog is to show everyone how really simple most projects for the home are to make. When my husband and I bought our first home we were short on cash so I learned to be long on creativity. I have been told that I can make something wonderful out of nothing and that is true. You can too! Some of my favorite things are items that I found in someone's junk pile. I am going to show you how easy it really is. I hope you find the courage to jump in and attempt some of these projects. You will be amazed at how talented you really are.