Laptop sling with velcro openings for quick and easy airport security screening.


 I find myself feeling stressed when I go through airport security screening because I have to get out my liquids and lip gloss  and take  my laptop (which is usually jammed into my carry on) out of it’s case while balancing on one foot as I take my shoes off.  I decided after my last trip that I had to come up with something to make this process easier so I made a sling for my laptop that opens and closes with velcro.  I will be trying it out this week end and I sure hope it helps.  This project requires only the most basic sewing skills and is very inexpensive. 

(I was able to try this out and it was great.  I could easily pull it in and out of my bag and open and close it up with the velcro openings in just a few seconds.  I will definitely use it on all plane trips from now on. )


  • 1 1/4  yard of canvas, denim, or other sturdy fabric
  • velcro 


Step 1.

Fold your fabric in half and then lay your laptop on top of it and then draw a line around it leaving 3″ all the way around to allow for hems and room for your computer to fit in the sling. For my laptop I cut out a 30″ x 20″ piece for the body.  Cut along the lines you have made and then press under 5/8″ all the way around.  Now turn under the edge and sew all the way around.


Step 2.

Now place the soft velcro on both sides of one half of the fabric.  Place the opposite velcro (the sticky part)  on the opposite sides.  Stitch them all into place.


Step 3.

Cut out two pieces of fabric 42″ x 4″ for straps.  Turn under the edges and do a narrow hem along both sides. 


Step 4.

Position straps as shown on each side of the bag.  Stitch into place. 


Bag will open and close quickly and easily.

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