Fabric valentine cookies with ribbon frosting.

fabric-valentine-cookies cookie-2

These cookies are made from fabric and ribbon that is gathered to look like frosting.  These are faster to make than real cookies !


  • small piece of linen or muslin fabric
  • ribbon
  • stuffing


Step 1.

Cut out heart shapes from fabric and then stitch around edge with right sides together. Leave an opening to turn.

opening-to-stuff-hearts hand-stitch-opening-shut

Step 2.

Turn to outside and then put a small amount of stuffing inside.  Hand stitch opening closed.

baste-right-down-the-middle-of-satin-ribbon1 pull-the-thread-to-gather-the-ribbon

Step 3.

Using a basting stitch sew down the middle of a long piece of ribbon.  Pull the thread to gather the ribbon.


Step 4.

Pin gathered ribbon to cookie and then stitch by hand or machine.

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