Valentines day banner made with burlap and chalkboard paint

 close up of heart candy banner  heart candy banner


  • burlap fabric which is sold by the yard at fabric stores, craft stores, and Wal Mart. The amount you need depends on how long you want your banner to be.
  • felt (optional)
  • paper fasteners
  • chalkboard paint
  • small piece of twine or ribbon

This banner is made from burlap hearts that are painted with chalkboard paint. I also put it together with paper fasteners so it can be taken apart and put back together to spell out a Valentine greeting or anything else you want. This is a quick and easy project and could be put together with glue if you don’t sew.

cut out burlap hearts

Step 1.

Cut out hearts from burlap. I wanted to use mine for Valentines Day too so I made enough hearts to spell that out. I put mine together with paper fasteners so that it will be more versatile since the message can be changed with chalk.

cut heart shapes from burlap and paint with chalkboard paint

Step 2.

Paint the hearts with chalkboard paint. I left a border but you can just paint the whole heart if you want.  I left some unpainted to use as spacers.

cut out hearts from felt fabric that is slightly larger than the burlap heart  pin heart to felt  stitch around edge of heart

Step 3.

Because burlap will come unraveled you have to do something to prevent that. You can stitch around the edge on your sewing machine or even paint the edges with glue. I decided to cut out hearts from felt and then stitch the burlap hearts to the felt using a zigzag stitch.

overlap the hearts and punch a hole as shown. Stick a paper fastener through the hole to join the hearts.  tie together

Step 4.

Punch holes through both hearts and insert paper fasteners to join them together. I put unpainted ones between the words as spacers.  You can also tie them together with twine.

make a loop to hang

Step 5.

Make a loop of twine at each end to hang. You can draw your letters with chalk or paint them on.

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