Countdown to Christmas chalkboard made from scrap wood

christmas countdown chalkboard

These chalkboards are so easy to make and can be used for so many things. You can use them to count down to holidays, for birthdays, showers, or just to write a grocery list. I like to write famous quotes on them too. The best part is that you can make them any size instead of buying the sizes available at stores.


  • a piece of thin paneling (I got mine at Lowe”s or Home Depot. They both have them pre cut in small sizes so you don’t have to buy a big sheet.)
  • small piece of wood for frame. ( I found mine in a scrap pile by the side of the road.)
  • one can of chalkboard paint
  • wood glue

cut board to whatever size you want and then spray with chalkboard paint   cut two pieces in the length you want and two in the width.

Step 1.

Cut your paneling to the size you want allowing plenty of space for the frame because that will take up some of your chalkboard surface and then spray paint it with the chalkboard paint. You can get the kind that you brush on if you prefer. Next you will cut your end pieces and will make them the exact size of the top (and bottom) of your chalkboard.

line up bottom piece and then glue

Step 2.

I glue the top and bottom pieces on first and let them dry. In the photo you might notice that I cut mine shorter but that was only because I decided my frame was taking up too much space so did mine in a more complicated way to allow extra room for the chalkboard surface.

completed chalkboard

Step 3.

Measure  (carefully) the space between the top and bottom pieces and cut your side boards to fit exactly. Cut them and glue them into place.

screw into frame   IMG_7501.jpgattach wire

Step 4.

Put a screw on each side leaving enough of the shaft sticking out to wrap wire around. Cut a piece of wire that will come up to the top in the center as shown and leave enough on each side to wrap around the screws.  You can also use a heavy hanger that nails in if you prefer.







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