Valentine plaque with wooden bead hanger.

finished-love-sign1I made this wall plaque for my granddaughters room here at my house. I covered wooden letters with scrapbook paper and the large heart with chenille fabric that was left over from a quilt I made for their bed.  I added wooden beads to the wire that I used to hang it for a softer look. This is  also a great Valentines project and is quick and easy to do.


  • piece of 1 x 4 pine measuring 17″  long
  • 3″  wooden letters
  • scrapbook paper
  • one wooden heart (I used one that is 6″ across
  • scrap of fabric to cover heart
  • piece of wire at least 28″ long
  • pink paint, off white paint, crackle glaze
  • wooden ring used for hanging curtains
  • one small eye bolt for top of curtain ring
  • one small wooden peg


Step 1.

Paint board off white.  Let it dry well then coat it with crackle glaze.  Let dry well and then add a coat of pink paint over that.

trace-around-wooden-letters glue-paper-to-wooden-letters

Step 2.

Trace around letters onto scrapbook paper.  Cut them out and then glue them to the wooden letters.

trace-heart-shape-onto-back-of-chenille-fabric glue-fabric-to-large-heart

Step 3.

Glue the letters and the heart to the board.

Step 4.

Trace around heart on back of fabric and then cut it out and glue to wooden heart.

drill-hole-for-peg push-peg-into-hole-and-glue1 tie-bow

Step 5.

Drill a hole for peg and then put glue in the hole and push peg into hole. I used a piece of yarn to tie wooden ring to peg.

drill-a-hole-in-each-corner-for-wire1 paint-beads thread-beads-onto-wire-and-then-attach-to-plaque-2

Step 6.

Drill a hole in both corners of board for wire hangar.  Paint enough wooden beads to cover wire.  I used two different size beads and painted half of them off white and the other half pink. Thread them onto the wire and then put the wire through the holes to secure it to board.

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